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Take a break from everyday life
Reflectreset & regain your power at Tawelfan in Wales 

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Join us as day guest from 27 July till 30 July

  • participate in our program

  • have a one-to-one coaching

  • join for lunch

Does your life feel hectic?

As women we juggle many different roles. Do you find it difficult to find time for yourself and to reset? You're not alone in that. The pace of life today and endless communication on social media can sweep us along, might even be overwhelming. 

We - Julie and Christa - were sitting on the bench at Tawelfan one evening, enjoying a glass of wine and the beautiful view. We discussed how challenging a woman's life sometimes can be and realised how a peaceful environment helps to ground and to see things from a different perspective.  

This was the moment when we decided to offer a small, intimate group retreat for women in a beautiful setting in Carmarthenshire, Wales:

Tawelfan Retreat, 26 - 30 July 2023

And now, we would love you to experience the power and peace of nature just as we did on that evening. Does this resonate with you? We are happy to tell you more.



Find freedom and ground yourself

Tawelfan is Welsh and means quiet place. That's exactly what you get. A quiet place, a safe space to take some well earned time to focus on yourself and invest in your own well-being. 

What awaits you:

  • A community of inspiring women within a small, intimate group retreat

  • 4 nights in beautiful and peaceful countryside of Carmarthenshire/Wales

  • Delicious locally sourced wholesome food

  • Enough space and time for you to be alone with nature

  • Professionally moderated daily reflective sessions to gain clarity and to reset

  • One individual coaching session during your stay

  • Post-retreat follow-up to support your continued journey 


A glimpse of the program

Day 1: Welcome - settle in

  • Check-in from 2pm; meet and greet dinner together

Day 2: Focus

  • What is your burning issue? Discover what you would like to change and what you would like to keep 

Day 3: Free yourself - let go

  • Find your way for a balanced, focused everyday life 

Day 4: The end is a beginning

  • Create your action plan


Day 5: Say yes

  • Transfer into daily life; check-out by 2pm

To help you regain you power, we use a holistic approach: a combination of professionally moderated sessions, coaching and eonough space and time for yourself. 

Upcoming dates

  • Next retreat: 26 - 30 July 2023


Spaces are limited to 5 women.
Places are now very limited. We still can accomodate you, but hurry.


Meet your retreat hosts


Hi, my name is Julie and in 2012 I bought my home in Carmarthenshire, including a derelict barn. I envisioned the barn to be a cosy, peaceful space. In 2014 Tawelfan moved from vision to reality. I love seeing people visit to relax and to soak up the atmosphere of this place. Empowering us to move our dreams and visions into reality, is a key concept of our retreat at Tawelfan. 
We are so excited to welcome you here.


Grüezi, I'm Christa. I live in Switzerland, am an intercultural expert and a certified coach. 

I met Julie while staying at Tawelfan. We found a connection and became friends.

I just love Tawelfan. The beautiful natural surroundings ground me. I come home relaxed and with a clear mind that helps me regain focus in my everyday life.

That feeling is what we want to offer you.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to this magic place.


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